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Most frequent questions and answers

We usually take 1-2 weeks to finish small projects and 3-6 weeks for much bigger projects.

We started a program that allows our employees to work from anywhere in the world on call. Meaning no employee salaries, and no offices to maintain, and also no steep prices! These are very experienced designers 🙂

We accept cash, checks, debit and credit, and we also take paypal!

If you do not like the design we can always change it to your specifications. Just get in contact with your designer 🙂

We have a deal with GoDaddy that allows us to give you a discounted/free domain and hosting. We transfer this special deal to you and set it up. No hidden fees!

Only on special occasions can we make refunds. We provide services (Hours on the clock) not products. But if the circumstance is extremely special. Or you are just extremely unhappy. Talk to us and we will talk about possible options.

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