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Use the Power of Google and Social Media to grow

You can’t wait for SEO? You need customers now… Do not worry. We have you covered. We use Google Adwords and Facebook social media marketing to power your success. Google AdWords gets you customers today. And Facebook ads convert potential customers by having them visit your site directly. With over 8 years in Google AdWords, we are sure to get you at the top at the lowest cost.

Google AdWords

  1. Pay Per Click ( You only pay if someone clicks your ad)
  2. You can rank at the top of the search results.
  3. No specific Demographics to meddle with.
  4. Lower Management Costs

Facebook Ads

  1. Fixed Budget so you can focus on optimizing your ads.
  2. You show up at relevant times in which your customer might click.
  3. Very Specific Demographics to get the right customer!
  4. Lower Management Costs

Instagram Ads

  1. You can set a budget to reach an amount of users (Really cheap for brand awareness)
  2. Your ad runs when your audience is on.
  3. Kind of specific Demographics
  4. Lower Management Costs

Why use ads?

If done properly, you could start getting calls or visits to your business on the same day you run your Ad! It is perfect for those that have a marketing budget and need customers ASAP. Ads aren’t necessary to keep your business running but it sure does boost your sales up! Having Ads lets you focus on short term growth and obtaining a client list to work with now. 

An animation that shows you why advertising online is such a good idea. Especially today!

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