Why do I need a site?

Your website is made to provide information to your visitors in way that attracts them to call or visit your business. Thus, web design is an extension of your company. Having a website is like buying property on the internet and opening to the millions of users online.

Web Design is not about making it look pretty.

A website is made to do one thing. Convert. So if your website does not convert. It is a bad design. It does not matter if your web design is the best looking. It is a tool we use to make money. Not sit pretty and do nothing. But that does not mean that your website should not be pretty or standing out.  Your site needs to incorporate functionality and desirability together as one. Not one or the other.

Mobile Friendliness is Everything!

Everyone is on their phone nowadays. Actually 52% of all internet users use the internet on their smartphones. That means that if your site is not mobile optimized they will just go to a site that is optimized. We don’t want that 🙁 Also, Google demotes your site if it is not Mobile Friendly!

In Conclusion (TL;DR)

In the end you should have a website that is made to pull new visitors and to turn those visitors into customers. But you need your web design properly built to keep them on there and turn them into customers. When we go into a store we all want a welcoming and positive experience. The design and implementation of a website does just that.

Is your web design mobile friendly?

Does your site have SEO?

Do you have a fast website design?

Let's sit down to talk and see if we can help you convert more customers using your website!

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